Subscriptions and Payments

PayPal subscriptions, being based completely in the subscribers account, tend to be sensitive to any account changes a subscriber makes in his/her own account...and, such changes can have the effect of unintentionally cancelling a subscription. For instance, it is very common to see a member subscribe to a DollFan service and then at a later date that member alter their funding source within their PayPal account which can cancel any subscriptions made.

It is important to remember that when a subscription is made or renewed the subscription has already paid through the term length(for example 6 months or 12 months) that the subscriber agreed to. A canceled subscription is not the same as an expired subscription. If a PayPal subscription cancels itself a month after initial payment or renewal the member is still paid through the end of that term. At the end of the term the subscription will expire and you will have the opportunity to resubscribe within your Member area. Please bear in mind that you will not be able to resubscribe to the service that was canceled until your subscription has met it's expiration date which would be the date a new payment was due on...this prevents users from paying twice for the same thing. Also bear in mind that you will be able to renew the subscription at your current rate(for example, $2/month) instead of a higher amount if there were any rate increases. If you do not renew your expired subscription after a period of 1 week your account on DollFan could be removed and all new subscriptions will be at any new current rate offered.

To cancel your subscription to DollFan, you will need to log into your member area at and from within you will see your existing subscriptions to DollFan within the "Your Payment History" tab. Click on the cancel link next to the subscription(s) you would like to cancel which will then lead you through the process of doing so. Not all subscriptions have a "cancel" link next to it due to how PayPal operates so you would need to go to your PayPal account as described in the next paragraph...all the "cancel" button does is take you to your PayPal account, anyway. Bear in mind that if you are cancelling a particular subscription, for example, and you have both a Forums and a Gallery subscription that you are cancelling the correct one. As well, cancelling a subscription does not automatically remove you from access to that service...your access will continue to the date that you had initially subscribed to and simply means it will not automatically renew itself.

A user can always simply go within their own PayPal account, search for the subscription (s) and cancel them as well. Please read PayPals own help section if unsure of how to do so. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the email address that DollFan subscriptions are made to and is probably the easiest to search with. DollFan LLC is the name of the PayPal business account for DollFan.

Per the Terms of Service it is a subscribers responsibility to cancel their own subscription if it is no longer desired.

If your subscription to the DollFan forums expires, i.e. did not automatically renew due to cancellation or has come to it's end date, you will still have access to your member area at to renew your subscription. From the time your subscription is expired until it is renewed your Forum account at DollFan will be considered a "guest" account where you can still log into the forums but will not be able to post, reply, use the PM system, etc. Once renewed your account will be restored to it's previous condition. There will be a couple week opportunity between the expiration of your subscription and complete account removal. Once the account is completely removed your account will not be able to be restored to it's origional status including possible loss of username though if wanted to start anew at a future date a new subscription can be created if desired.

Please bear in mind that subscriptions will attempt to renew themselves 3 times before canceling themselves automatically. In other words, you can have an expired subscription where you no longer have access to DF but it may not be fully canceled yet. You can either wait for the initial subscription to try and renew(where you will not have access to DF until or if it does) or create a new one....if you chose the later please make sure you cancel the expiring subscription which is failing to renew itself. This will prevent 2 subscriptions from being active for yourself(and paying twice for the same thing) in case the one that was failing ends up going through before the 3rd failure.

Please also bear in mind that if your subscription has not expired yet you will not be presented with the opportunity to resubscribe until it has done so. For example, a subscription is for a set amount of time...a user can cancel that subscription half way through but the time paid for has not completed thus the subscription has not expired. This is to prevent users from subscribing to a service that they have already paid for and the ability to resubscribe will be present once the subscription does expire.

DollFan makes open most of it's contents to any visitor who would like to peruse the site. To be able to actively post and participate in the forums, DollFan does require a subscription fee and is most commonly done via PayPal; direct credit card payments are also available. Subscriptions via PayPal are either reccuring(per PayPal rules) until the buyer or seller cancels their subscription or for the period of time sought..i.e. for just 6 months or 12 months. If you would like to subscribe, simply go to the forums page and click on the Subscribe link in the top left of the forums.

Note: If you are a current member who is re-subscribing due to an expired subscription you can go to your Account Status area which will present you with the ability to create a new subscription. Further information is available at the how to resubscribe FAQ.

There are currently two options available, a six(6) month and a twelve(12) month subscription and once one is chosen, it will take you to your PayPal account. Once the subscription payment is made PayPal should automatically forward you back to DollFan where you should now be automatically logged in with the username and password you had chosen. At this point you can enter into your UCP(User Control Panel) to set many options to control your experience at DollFan...there are many features which individual users can "tweak"...please take your time to familiarize yourself with this area for it can greatly enhance your experience. Your real name as part of your username in required as DollFan is a community of people where individuals interact not just on a personal level but professional as well....we find that having an identity that is recognizeable as you promotes trust and friendship to greater degrees than simply anonymous nicknames. Our moderators will more than likely contact you about your username if it does not include part of your real name :)

Once a member of DollFan, you can monitor your subscription status within the Account Status area.

Please read the FAQs on PayPal subscriptions for further information including how to cancel if wanted if a recurring subscription was chosen.

Credit card payments are available as well when one is going through the signup process. PayPal is the processor for all credit card payments and all data between DF and PayPal is encrypted/unreadable by any other source. Credit card payments are treated exactly the same as PayPal in that they will automatically renew unless canceled by the user. If you have neither PayPal nor the ability to use a credit card feel free to contact Steve(who is the board admin) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get it figured out. Typically, the only option besides PayPal or a credit card is a MoneyOrder or check payable for one years registration but other options may be added soon.

For the best reference to PayPal subscriptions and what they entail it is best to check with the PayPal site itself. This is a small breakdown of what PayPal subscriptions are and how it relates to subscribers and DollFan.

Basically, when you make a subscription to a DollFan service(such as forums and/or gallery)you as the subscriber are paying for the first term of the subscription and setting within your own account to transfer money from your account to DollFans on the renewal date based on which term length you had signed up for. For example, if you subscribed to the forums for six months, your subscription is paid for the initial 6 month term and then unless the subscription is cancelled by yourself will attempt to renew another 6 month term after the first 6 month term has expired. The function of a PayPal subscription is to keep you subscribed to a service until the subscription is cancelled.

DollFan has no control over your subscription in that it cannot subscribe anyone to it's services....this is all controlled by you, the subscriber. DollFan can cancel subscriptions and we do do so to members who we purposely remove from our services but it is up to the subscribers to control their own subscriptions including cancelling when the service is no longer desired. We do keep a record of all subscriptions and if logged into our forums our members should be able to see their payment info within the Member area.

Most subscriptions to DollFan are PayPal recurring subscriptions which will attempt to renew themselves per the subscription terms(for example, every 6 months or 12 months) and on some occasions will fail. This is normally due to some type of alteration a subscribing member made within their own PayPal account such as a change in funding source. This can also occur if the funding source simply has no funds to transfer to DollFans account. What occurs is that PayPal subscriptions will attempt to renew themselves three(3) times and if it fails on the last attempt will automatically cancel itself.

DollFan does keep a record of all PayPal transactions for it's members within the Member Area for each user. If you see within your subscription a cancelled status it will not automatically renew. See What to do if the subscription inadvertently cancelled for more information concerning this. An important aspect of the way subscriptions work is that in the Member area you will not be able to subscribe for a service you are already subscribed to until it is completely expired. This is to prevent users from subscribing to/paying twice for a service they already have access to. Once the subscription is expired, the ability to resubscribe will be present.