Hello to Everyone!

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Hello to Everyone!

Post by JeanieMartin58 »

I have just rejoined after an absence of probably 25 years? I joined Doll Fan after I found Apple Valley dolls, then Middletons and the game changer, Reborns!! I’m from back in the day when all we had to work on were Berenguers. It was the old days, then thankfully we got our first kit from Pat Moulten and the reborn world took off. So many changes.

I no longer work on dolls, but I miss doll world. I’m going to have some gorgeous dolls for sale. I am downsizing and I have a LOT of reborns that I collected over the years. I can’t let them all go but I need some room.

I was so surprised when I first joined that there were people who actually changed their dolls out of the clothing they came in! Who knew? I probably just dated myself.

Glad to be back!!!
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Re: Hello to Everyone!

Post by erin1958 »

Welcome back Jeanie. You’re right, so many changes. I’ve stayed a member here for ages but don’t get on very often. I too have many baby dolls I need to sell as I’ve switched completely over to ball jointed dolls. Tons of great clothes to sell too. There’s not near the activity here as there used to be but maybe with people like you coming back, we can hope others will too. So many went to Facebook. Enjoy and best of luck with your baby sales. Take care.

Cheers, Erin
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Re: Hello to Everyone!

Post by Tiffany20 »

Welcome back Jeanie😊💗
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Re: Hello to Everyone!

Post by Charlene »

Welcome back Jeanie! I have been here a long time, but don't get on as much and there aren't near the posts as there used to be. Age and health takes a toll.
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Re: Hello to Everyone!

Post by NadiaK »

Welcome back. I sure wish more people would return as there is almost no activity on here anymore.

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